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Just wanted to inform you of an arrest of an Outcast Motorcycle Club member in Athens, Georgia after a traffic stop that resulted in the recovery of a stolen motorcycle. 

The traffic stop was conducted by my partner SPO Christopher DeWitt and myself. 

We feel that attending the recent class of Gangs and Drugs played a key role in our overall investigation for several reasons.

-It allowed us to immediately recognize the suspect as a member of a one percent group.

-It allowed us to quickly establish rapport with the suspect because we were able to implement the MC lingo learned during the class ultimately making the suspect comfortable enough to tell us about the history of the club, requirements to join, how long he has been in the club.  Additionally, he also explained the meaning of his patches and allowed us to photograph them.

-It kept us alert and aware of the potential for violence when dealing with a MC member.  The suspect was found in possession of two pistols found on his person incident to arrest.

Thank you for your help!

MPO Juan Guardado
Gang Unit
Athens Clarke County Police Department

Good morning, This is Trooper Andrea Torres. I attended a training you gave in Laredo, TX. Brought by Sheriffs Office.
While you were in town I asked you to speak to my son Alex. We met at the Posada downtown. I wanted to Thank you! My son has been very good. Thank you.

Andrea T.

Oh gosh has he changed! I’m so thankful!!! He is actually talking to my husband and I about himself and girls. He is asking a girl to 8th grade prom. Also, he was asked to be quarter back (Junior Varsity) as a 9th grader next year. 

May 2018

Thanks to your help, I was able to send my daughter her Christmas gifts to the address you found. I haven't retained legal representation yet, but I'm still pursuing it. Hopefully, I will retain an attorney within the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again for your help!!!!
Rhonya Peterson

I recently attended your RCTA Basic Gang School (Export) given at the Clarksville Police Department's Training Center in Clarksville, TN. I was one of the Metro Nashville Police Officer's that was interested in Gang Investigations.

I'm writing you to thank you for your class and the expertise you brought to it with your vast knowledge of gangs. I was working a special initiative today 11/25/2012 for the Black Friday shopping weekend. My objective was to remain vigilant and to deter personal / property crime in the area due to the influx of shoppers in my area. I came across two Ford Crown Victoria's complete with 24 inch rims and the "Crown Vic Boys" patch affixed to the vehicles. I initiated a traffic stop on both vehicles simultaneously for a window tint violation. There were two patched members in either car which I would not have known had I not taken your class. Prior to the stop I radioed for backup due to members of the Clarksville PD informing me that the Crown Vic Boys were heavily into narcotics and perhaps more importantly guns. I used the information you taught me to identify the two patched members and associated the third suspect with the gang. To make a long story short, one of the members was sitting on a loaded .40 cal pistol. During the field interview, I found that the member wanted to talk to me due to my demeanor and knowledge that I was in fact dealing with a gang while showing respect, which potentially diffused a volatile situation before it happened and undoubtedly saved my life or the life of another officer today.

The other patched member turned out to be the same individual that I stopped at TSU's homecoming weekend that I spoke about in class. I found a small amount of marijuana in his car after a narcotics canine conducted a walk around. The third suspect will be placed into the gang file and later confirmed as member of the Crown Vic Boys based on the information obtained at the scene. All three suspects were charged accordingly. I also obtained information of a gang shooting to which my report is sitting on a detectives desk so he gets it first thing in the morning.

I can't thank you enough for your class. Please continue to pass the knowledge so another officer won't become a statistic due to lack of knowledge.

Joseph Leurs, A Flex, West Precinct, Metro-Nashville Police Department

Investigator Tony Avendorph of Tony Avendorph Associates has been instrumental in my criminal law practice from its inception.  As criminal law practitioners are undoubtedly aware, it is imperative to have an investigator that you can trust, is reliable, and produces a product responsive to the needs of a particular case.   Indeed, Investigator Avendorph meets all of these requirements, and more.   He has worked with my firm on a variety of criminal matters, to include cases involving homicide, rape, armed robbery, and burglary.  These cases require the utmost care and attention to detail.  Invariably, Investigator Avendorph has continued to exhibit the ability to stay focused on the assignment and relevant facts, but yet be alert to collateral issues that are critical in the legal evaluation and preparation of a case. 

On several occasions, Investigator Avendorph’ skilled interviewing practices and techniques resulted in the extraction and development of information that was critical to the outcome of a case.  In fact, he has the uncanny ability to communicate with individuals and entities from varying backgrounds and socio-economical levels.  He is also skilled in the use of a variety of traditional and sophisticated investigative tools and techniques.  This is essential in the diverse and highly technical environment that we often find ourselves.  
On behalf of the Law Office of Anthony D. Mayo, LLC, thank you for your continued assistance and support ---we sincerely appreciate your efforts.

Anthony D. Mayo, LLC

Guys I recently attended basic gang school taught by a retired LEO Tony Avendorph. Guys this was the best damn training I have ever attended. In 3 days I took 25pages of notes. Please please pool your resources together and get Tony to Memphis. Tony is very much law enforcement friendly, frank and no ego. Tony is all about officer safety.

You guys know me I would not recommended a fluff course. Tony is well worth our resources and will enhance our investigative resources into gangs. You all will not be disappointed. If he can also see if he would be willing to work with you all on a continuing basis until things get up and running smoothly.

As you all know I am leaving to Middle Georgia (in fact Friday was my last day in West Tennessee) but I will be back in mid September for my final farewells.

Here is Tony's contact info and website. Get this guy.

Lamont Ruffin, Deputy U.S. MarshalW/TN - Memphis

I have attended RCTA classes five times now and it just seems to get better each time. The entire staff are some of the nicest and helpful people I have met. The instructor, Tony Avendorph, well... my praise would not do him justice. Tony has got to be one of the most knowledgeable and experienced instructors I have had the privilege of being taught by. Tony is so down to earth and plain spoken that he makes you feel he is right there with you in that patrol car.

I hope to attend more of his classes to learn from him and keep up to date. Thank you RCTA for putting on such fine classes and for having the caliber of instructors such as Tony Avendorph.

Jim Funderburk, Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office
his was the first training class that I have attended at RCTA. The Basic Gang Class was a very informative and presented in a way that made you want to know more. Tony Avendorph grabbed my attention and never let go. This was by far the best Gang Class that I have attended in my 23 years as a LEO. I look forward to attending many more at RCTA.
Darryl (Course Attended: Basic Gang School)
I attended RCTA for the first time in my 7 year career and I must say it was one pleasant experience. Every staff member that we came in contact with were extremely friendly and willing to assist with anything that we needed. As far as the class, well to just say the of Tony Avendorph, he was fantastic as an instructor. He was extremely informative with his experience in gangs and as a former police officer. I was glad to know that he definitely left RCTA loving the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. Even though there aren't a definite showing of gangs in the southern Louisiana area, the education that I got was outstanding. I am looking forward to hopefully my next class there in September (Proactive Criminal Patrol). Thanks to the entire RCTA staff.
Brent (Course Attended: Basic Gang School)
I've taken a gang class at RCTA before where Tony Avendorph was one of the instructors. When I was sent to this class this week (4-21-15 to 4-23-15), I was hoping that he would be there and was very excited that he was because of how awesome of an instructor he is. I've met several highly knowledgeable people in my career, but I have found none that is as knowledgeable about gangs as Tony Avendorph. He's a great instructor, a great cop, and most importantly just a great person!! He'll teach you some great stuff, have you laughing all week, and you'll have made a new friend by the end of the week too. I can't wait to take another class from Tony, and I encourage everyone to take his classes!! Thanks RCTA for bringing only the best of the best instructors to teach your classes!! :)
Doug(Course Attended: Basic Gangs And Drugs)