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Law Enforcement Training

Tony Avendorph Associates, LLC specializes in Law Enforcement Training and Consulting. Our company specializes in providing exceptional training for law enforcement, governmental, public service, and private sector organizations nationwide. Tony Avendorph Associates, LLC has over forty years of Law Enforcement experience, and has trained over 15,000 criminal justice professionals since 1978.. Tony Avendorph Associates, LLC provides law enforcement consulting to all criminal justice agencies. Tony Avendorph Associates, LLC takes enormous pride in the services we provide, and the commitment to excellence.


  • Advanced Gang Investigations
  • Basic Gangs Drugs, and Organized Crime
  • Community Oriented Policing
  • Defensive Tactics Utilizing the Principals of Judo (Combat Judo)
  • Domestic Terrorism/Extremism, and Law Enforcement (New Course)
  • Jail and Prison Gangs
  • Officer Safety and the Violent Encounter


Advanced Gang Investigations:
This course provides definitions and strategies on working Street Gang Investigations and Organized Criminal Groups, Targeting the Gang or Gang Member,  How to prepare a case file, Cultivating Gang Informants, Testifying in Court, Expert Court Testimony, Federal and State Gang Statutes, Preparing Search Warrants, Gang Intelligence, Understanding Foreign Cultures, Preparing Gang Investigations, Computer Investigation and Database Resources, Utilizing Social Networks, Surveillance Techniques, Working Drive-by Shootings and Gang Homicides, Debriefing, Interviewing and Interrogating Gang Members, Officer Safety and Surviving the Violent Gang Encounter.

Basic Gangs and Drugs:
This course introduces the student to street gangs .It covers basic Definitions, Gang Mentality, Graffiti, Tattoo’s, Symbols, Hand sign’s, and Clothing recognition, Extremist Gangs, Gangs in Corrections (Jails and Prisons), Female Gangs, Asian Gangs, Eastern European Gangs, African Gangs, African American Gangs, Latino Gang Trends and Culture, Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations, Mexican Mafia, Nuestra Familia, Sureno Gangs, Norteno Gangs, MS-13, 18th Street, Other California Sureno Gangs, Latin Kings, Neta, Other Chicago Latino Gangs, Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs, and Tips on Investigation, Debriefing/Interviewing and Officer Safety.

Community Oriented Policing:
This course is designed in three and five-day training blocks to provide police officers and community organizations with a clear understanding of the community policing philosophies of proactive vs. reactive practices, and a methodology for implementing effective community policing strategies. Participants conduct the program in a lecture/discussion format so that an exchange of ideas will lead to the attainment of new and useful knowledge. The focus of instruction will provide officers with ways to begin and continually develop policies and effective beat management inside their communities. The same training is also given to community organizations and the business community. The course covers The History of Policing, The Definition of Community Oriented Policing, The Definition of Problem Oriented Policing, Implementation, and the importance of researching and planning prior to implementation, Developing Community Policing Strategies, The Faith Based Community, Developing a base with Schools, Preparing and Conducting Meetings, Time Management, Forming Community Partnerships, Problem-solving (SARA), Dealing with those who don’t think Community Policing Works, and Ethics in Community Policing.

Defensive Tactics Utilizing the Principals of Judo (Combat Judo):
This course gives student’s a practical application of the basic principles of Judo applied to the daily duties of Police Officers, Correctional Officers, and other Criminal Justice Professionals. If a police officer wants to significantly improve his or her odds of staying alive throughout their law enforcement career, it's imperative they devote their attention and energy to reality based self- defense systems that teach realistic street oriented techniques. The police officer must be taught a broad range of force options that fit into the policies of his police department's particular use-of-force continuum. Moreover, police officers must have moderate, intermediate and extreme unarmed self-defense techniques at his or her disposal. This includes both striking and control and restraint techniques.

This course covers the definition of Judo and how it applies to law Enforcement, The History of Judo, what is Police Defensive Tactics? What are Martial Arts?, Traditional Police Defensive Tactics vs. Fighting, Ukemi (The Art of Break falling), Kuzushi (The Art of Balance vs. Off Balance), Gripping Techniques, Communication, Standing Throws, Attacks from the Front and Rear, Grabbing Attacks, Ground Techniques, Arm Locks, and Practical Applications (Role Playing)

This class also goes over several Combat Judo techniques, which provide tactics to effectively subdue a suspect and immediately restrain them.

Domestic Extremism and Terrorism:
This course covers the definitions of Terrorism, Extremism, Racism, Nazism, and the History of Terrorism in the United States. Also covered is how the internet provides a launching pad for recruitment and violence.

This course goes into detail the ideology of all extremist group, including Sovereign Citizens, Ku Klux Klan, National Socialist Party, and smaller organizations that begin when Barack Obama ran for president, this course also features Black Extremist organizations like the Nation of Islam, Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earth, New Black Panther Party for Self Defense, and the American Defense League.

This course covers Prison Gangs, who adhere to extremist ideologies.

The student will learn the history of Islam, the rise of radical Islam, and Middle Eastern Culture, Understanding Muslims, Middle Easterners and their customs, Other topics include, The Origins of Islam, The Schism Shi'a and Sunni Islam, The Foundations of Islam, The Five Pillars of Islam, The Six Pillars of Faith, Cultural Values, Islam Around the World, The Sixth Pillar of Islam – Jihad, The Extremist View of Islam in Modern Times, Middle Eastern Nationals in the US, Radicalization in the U.S and cultural etiquette for law enforcement officers. Students will also be educated on the narcotics connection to a variety of terrorist organizations and how they affect the United States. There will be an emphasis on drug-related issues. This course will further illustrate how terrorist groups, such as Al Qaeda, FARC, and many Domestic Terrorist Organizations are prevalent in rural, suburban, and urban regions of the United States. Other Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) such as Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hizballah and FARC will be discussed and their operations in America.

Jail and Prison Gangs:
The student will be able to define the term Security Threat Group(s) and the relationship to criminal street gangs, Understanding the Current Threat Analysis, Understand the Function and Services provided by a Jail/Prison Gang Intelligence Unit, Enhancing Law Enforcement's Ability to Investigate Illegal Drug Trafficking and related Criminal Street Gang activities beyond the Jail/Prison Walls, Understanding and Developing an Intelligence Database and Hard file system, Identify street gang and/or STG members based on common identifiers, symbols, tattoos, graffiti, behavior, and physical evidence, Identify street gangs and prison gangs and how they develop entrepreneurship and operate contraband inside custody, Developing an understanding of the threat and propensity towards violence that these groups and their members pose to correctional staff, inmates/offenders, law enforcement and members of the community, Methods of Officer Safety inside a Correctional Facility, Developing Confidential Sources, How to Prepare a Gang Investigation

Officer Safety and the Violent Encounter:
This course covers the most important aspect of a Criminal Justice Professionals career; Going home every day. This course is for police officers, correctional officers, parole and probation officers, and other criminal justice professionals. The topics include: Your Training (From the Academy to the Streets), Facts on Staying Alive, Factors of and Dealing with Stress, The Difference between Police Defensive Tactics and Fighting, Preparing to Survive, Situations Where Gang Members Attack Police, Searching Techniques on the Street, Vehicle Stops, Where Gang Members Hide Weapons, Basic and Survivable Instincts. Knowing Who You Are, Tactical Tips, Off Duty Safety, losing a Comrade, Roll Playing Scenarios.

Consulting Fees for Tony Avendorph Associates, LLC

Q: What services do you offer?

Expert Witness

B. Consulting for major police departments/correctional facilities on street gangs, street gang crimes, and street gang investigations

Q: What is your hourly rate to consult with an attorney?

A: $200/hour per written contract

Q: What is your hourly rate to review documents?

A: $200/hour per written contract

Q: What is your hourly rate to provide deposition testimony?

A: $1,000 a day, plus preparation, which is the standard hourly rate. All testimony, travel and expenses are all prepaid,7(SEVEN) business days in advance of the scheduled testimony.

Q: What is your hourly rate to provide testimony at trial?

A: $1,000 a day or a fraction of a day, plus preparation. All testimony, travel and expenses are all prepaid. Once the trial is scheduled and travel begins to the site of the trial, the $1,000 fee applies, all expenses and preparation fees apply.

Q: Please list any fees other than those stated above

A: Actual travel expenses, the approximate cost of a hotel room, parking, airfare, rental car, fees. Driving to testify will be charged at the rate of $125 an hour, plus mileage, $.50 a mile. 

Per Diem will be $100 a day for all days on travel. 

Flying to testify will be charged at the rate of $150 an hour, door to door (until I reach the destination). 


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