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Life after the Police Department as a Private Investigator

I retired from the Prince George's County Police Department in December, 2009 after a forty year career that began in Illinois in July, 1969. During my career I testified in court, conducted numerous successful investigations, and arrested a lot of people. Several years ago someone asked me how many people I thought I arrested in forty years. I said, "Hell I didn't count."

The two things I enjoyed most about Law Enforcement was investigating cases and interviewing people. Several months after I retired, I applied and received my private investigator's license in the State of Maryland. It gave me the opportunity to continue to be functional in a world that gave me respect, and in return I giving that respect back. The majority of my career was investigating street gangs, and as my clientele built up, I began receiving gang related criminal defense cases from defense attorney's and the Public Defender's Office. One case entailed my interviewing two former co-workers, and as a courtesy asked their supervisor if I could briefly speak to them. As it turned out that supervisor began telling people that I am now the "enemy" and not to talk to me.

One thing I never did as a police officer was disrespect a defense attorney or a private investigator. I would always respect their positions, and would consent to talk to them, because I had absolutely nothing to fear regarding my case. If a prosecutor asked me not to talk to someone, then I would adhere to their request. In the past two years I have met numerous retired Police Chief's and Police Officers who have become private investigators, and all of a sudden we are the "enemy?"

We have a moral and ethical obligation to do the right thing. When I started Tony Avendorph Associates, LLC, I made a pledge to always remain law enforcement friendly, and to never impede my integrity or ethical standards. Private Investigators just don't deal with criminal defense cases. I have worked missing persons, locates, civil investigations, child custody, and infidelity cases. I bring over forty years of investigative experience to private investigative work. I worked undercover assignments early in my career, and even though I assumed another identity and role, I never compromised who I am.

I am not the "enemy!"

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